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James M.Dourgarian, Bookman, was established in 1980. We are members of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (ABAA). Like all ABAA members, we answer to a higher authority and follow a higher standard of ethics that guarantees a successful transaction for all our customers.

We buy and sell old books, vintage books, collectible books, rare books, first edition books, and related ephemera. We maintain several specialties. Among them are American fiction first editions from c.1900 to the present. Within that general field, we have heavy emphasis in John Steinbeck and Steinbeckiana. Thus, we buy and sell Steinbeck primary first editions in dust jackets, signed/limited editions, his appearances in anthologies, his periodical appearances, books and periodicals about Steinbeck, film and theatre memorabilia, bibliographies, and miscellaneous items.

We also specialize in these same categories for these authors -- Jack London, Wallace Stegner, and Stephen King. Other specialties include Western Americana, books on California and the West, Photography books, books on Japan, China, and the Orient, and Armed Services Editions. The latter are vintage paperbacks issued to American GIs from 1943 to 1947. They are comprised of mysteries, Westerns, science fiction and fantasy, mainstream fiction, historical novels, science, poetry, adventure stories, and more.

Within our field of modern first editions, we also sell related film memorabilia Thus, we sell film posters, lobby card sets, pressbooks, stills, scripts, etc. for films made from the works of authors we carry such as John Steinbeck, Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Raymond Chandler, Zane Grey, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Stephen King, Edward Abbey, Anne Rice, and many others.

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[Modern Literature] Wodehouse, P. G. The Crime Wave at Blandings. Garden City, Doubleday, Doran, 1937, first edition, first printing, dust jacket. Hardcover. Seven humorous stories by a master of the craft. Aged, very good in a very good minus jacket. JD33609
[Modern Literature] Wodehouse, P. G. Angel Cake. Garden City, Doubleday, 1952, first edition, first printing, dust jacket. Hardcover. The hilarious adventures of a Broadway Angel, jacket designed by Earl Oliver Hurst. Aged, very good in a good jacket. JD33612
[Modern Literature] Wodehouse, P. G. The Luck of the Bodkins. Boston, Little, Brown, 1936, first edition, first printing, dust jacket. Hardcover. More humor by a master of the craft. Very good. JD33614
[Modern Literature] Wodehouse, P. G. Hot Water. Garden City, Doubleday, Doran, 1932, first edition, first printing, dust jacket. Hardcover. More humor by a master, frontispiece and five other illustrations by Rea Irvin. Aged, very good in a good jacket. JD33617
[Modern Literature] Wodehouse, P. G. Laughing Gas. Garden City, Doubleday, Doran, 1936, first edition, first printing, dust jacket. Hardcover. A novel about "Hollywood and a noble young Englishman named Reggie Havershot". Very good. JD33619
[Modern Literature] Wodehouse, P. G. Money in the Bank. Garden City, Doubleday, Doran, 1942, first edition, first printing, dust jacket. Hardcover. Humor in the Wodehouse tradition, jacket illustrated by Donald McKay. Very good in a very good minus jacket. JD33620
[Modern Literature] Dick, Philip K. A Scanner Darkly. Garden City, Doubleday, 1977, first edition, dust jacket. Hardcover. Drugs and drug culture by a master of science fiction who may have dabbled (deeply?) into both personally, film source. Back of jacket panel a bit rubbed, fine. JD33621
[Steinbeckiana] (Steinbeck, John). 1924 Quad Stanford Past Present Future. Stanford, The Class of Nineteen Twenty Four, June 1923, first edition. This hardcover was issued without a dust jacket, includes Sunset on a Stanford Road, painted for the 1924 Quad by James Swinnerton, and used as color frontispiece with tissue guard, this issue includes several references to Carlton A. Sheffield who was John Steinbeck's roommate at Stanford, a life-long friend, and the person to whom Steinbeck "wrote" much of his early work, it was Steinbeck's practice to write his stories as if he were telling it to just one person, that one person was Carlton A. Sheffield, sometimes known as "Dook," he is listed and photographed as part of the American Journalists' Association, pages 94-95, his senior class photo with a brief biography is on page 309, another of Steinbeck's running buddies, Carl Wilhelmson, is pictured on page 352 as a member of the English Club, he is also listed on page 353 as a member of the English Club, Steinbeck's influential teacher, Edith Ronald Mirrielees, is listed as faculty adviser to the club on page 353, Sheffield is also pictured as part of the Encina Club, pages 434-435, he is also photographed and listed as part of the Los Arcos club on pages 450-451. Very good. JD33628
[Armed Services Editions] Gable, John A. (editor). The Man in the Arena. Washington, D. C., The Legacy Project, 2003, first edition thus, wrappers. Softcover. These are selected speeches, letters and essays by Theodore Roosevelt, with photos and other illustrations, includes an introduction by the editor, this is the sixth in a series of new Armed Services Editions which were originally issued to American GIs from 1943 to 1947 with these new books issued to American soldiers throughout the world through the national, all volunteer initiative of the Legacy Project headed by Andrew P. Carroll, condensed from the original edition, this book is done in the same manner as the original ASEs. Fine, unread. JD33632
[Modern Literature] Williams, John A. Love. Derry, Babcock & Koontz, n.d. (1989), first edition, wrappers. Softcover. An excerpt from a work in progress then titled The Book Without Title which was later (1999) published as Clifford's Blues, this is No. 88 of 200 copies signed by the author bound in string-tied wrappers, there was also a signed/limited hardcover, includes a wood engraving by Gaylord Schanilec, includes a sheet folded to make four pages that lists other titles by this specialty press "of works by significant writers," published at $45. Fine, unread. JD33635
[John Steinbeck] Steinbeck, John. In Dubious Battle. NY, Covici Friede, 1936, first edition, dust jacket. Hardcover. Perhaps the best strike novel of the 20th Century, Steinbeck's best friend and philosophical mentor, Ed Ricketts, makes his first of many appearances in a Steinbeck novel, he appears as Doc Burton, Steinbeck would use Ricketts and their shared philosophy in many other novels, this was also Steinbeck's first foray into agricultural politics through his literature which ultimately led to his writing The Grapes of Wrath, the use of another character, a communist, would lead to the untrue allegation that Steinbeck was a communist, that allegation would have negative effects on Steinbeck's life from then to the end of his life in 1968, it is also his first book to explore his literary theory he termed "phalanx" in which a group of animals (or men) act differently than individuals which is something he learned from his study of marine biology and his association with Ricketts, Goldstone & Payne A5b, see Morrow 45. Very good in a good jacket. JD33641
[Wallace Stegner] Stegner, Wallace. Remembering Laughter. Boston, Little, Brown, 1937, first edition, dust jacket. Hardcover. Author's First Novel and first regularly published book, the prize winner from 1,340 manuscripts submitted from all over the world for Little, Brown's novelette writing contest, winning Stegner $2,500, Colberg A2.1. Some of the inevitable fading to the turquoise cloth even with the jacket on, jacket price-clipped (there was no book club edition), very good in a very good-minus dust jacket. JD33642
[Steinbeckiana] Steinbeck, Gwyn Conger. My Life With John Steinbeck. n.p. (United Kingdom), Lawson Publishing Ltd, 2018, first edition, wrappers. Softcover. Poignant front cover photo of Gwyn, c.6X9 inches, "the story of John Steinbeck's forgotten wife as told to Douglas Brown," the audience for the Nobel Prize-winning John Steinbeck knows a lot about his first wife, Carol, and his third and last wife, Elaine, but not much is known about Gwyn, the mother of his two children, as the back cover blurb by publisher Bruce Lawson reads, "Gwyn paid a high price for her involvement with the restless, driven, genius, John Steinbeck. This was a marriage which could not succeed despite her love for Steinbeck, the man and master storyteller," Jay Parini who wrote a lengthy biography of Steinbeck published in 1994 writes in his rear cover blurb about the book, "A genuinely important literary discovery that illuminates part of Steinbeck's life that has been in shadow for half a century," includes two prologues, one by Gwyn herself and another by Brown, Parini offers the preface, the book ends with a section of notes and sources, followed by dramatis personae, a bibliography, and a note from the publisher. Fine, as new, unread. JD33643
[Wallace Stegner] Stegner, Wallace. The Potter's House. Muscatine, The Prairie Press, 1938, first edition. One of just 490 hardcover copies of Stegner's elusive third book, color first letters of each chapter and with the running heads at the side of pages, with red page numbers, this is a great private press production, the book was dedicated to Philip and Margaret Gray, the friends of Stegner who were the models for the characters in his acclaimed novel, Crossing to Safety, Colberg A3, this copy Signed by Stegner, very scarce, especially so when signed and in this condition. Fine. JD33648
[Modern Literature] Doig, Ivan. This House of Sky. NY, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1978, first edition, first printing, dust jacket. Hardcover. Subtitled Landscapes of a Western Mind, it is often mistakenly referred to as his first book, it is not (by a long shot), this memoir about Montana was well received, jacket blurbs by William Hjortsberg and Edward Hoagland. Fine in a nearly fine jacket. JD33649
[Modern Literature] Schow, David J. (editor). Silver Scream. Arlington Heights, Dark Harvest, 1988, first edition, dust jacket. Hardcover. With publisher's slipcase, introduction by Tobe Hooper, director of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, illustrated by Kevin Davies, includes 19 modern horror stories dealing with the lives, and deaths, of men and women working in the movies and TV, No. 272 of 500 copies Signed by all the contributors who include F. Paul Wilson, Robert Bloch, Ray Garton, Clive Barker, Joe R. Lansdale, Robert R. McCammon, Chet Williamson, Richard Christian Matheson, Douglas E. Winter, Ramsey Campbell, and others. Fine, unread. JD33650
[John Steinbeck] Steinbeck, John. Cannery Row. NY, Viking, 1945, first edition, dust jacket. Hardcover. A minor (or not so minor) masterpiece with its surface layer of good humor disguising its actual themes of death and loneliness, themes that haunted Steinbeck during World War II, Goldstone & Payne A22b, this copy in the canary yellow binding, jacket illustrated by Arthur Hawkins, Jr. Jacket price-clipped, near fine. JD33652
[Steinbeckiana] Holmes, Kenneth and Karen. John Steinbeck A Descriptive Bibliographic Catalogue of the Holmes Collection. n.p. (Cary, NC), privately printed, 2013, first edition. This excellent reference work is the result of 50+ years of collecting JohnSteinbeck/Steinbeckiana, plus five years in preparing the book itself, it is divided into 14 lettered sections featuring the books in their collections covering everything from primary first editions to first printings by subsequent publishers, anthologies, periodical appearances, translation, film and theatre memorabilia, book and periodical articles about Steinbeck, recordings, letters and manuscripts, and miscellaneous materials, included with the book is a DVD of Steinbeck Firsts as compiled by Phil Ralls, the combination of the Holmes catalogue, also found on the DVD, and the Ralls bibliographic update make this book a great follow up to the Goldstone & Payne Steinbeck bibliography, offered at the published price. Fine. JD33653
[Miscellaneous] Shaffer, Jerome (et al). How to Cheat on Your Wife And/Or Girlfriend. Chicago, "Male Chauvinist", October 1978, first edition, wrappers. Softcover. This is Vol. 1, No. 1, the first and only issue of this anti-feminist magazine, it features the male chauvinist of the month pictorial that is very much in keeping with the front cover photo of a man sitting on a throne-like chair with two women kissing his foot, articles by a number of writers include the above-noted title by Jerome Shaffer, Why Younger Women Are Better by Jay Anthony Marchland, How to Become Involved Sexually - Not Emotionally by Dax Alexandria, Living With Two or More Females - It Can Be Fun! by Benjamin Lazlo, Dealing With the Nimble Female Mind by Pino Stuarti, and Why Women Are Totally Ruled By Their Emotions by Hiram Bennett, includes a full-page "welcome" by the publisher/editor Ron Fenton, also includes a "centerfold" of Gloria Steinem, this copy signed by these six authors, scarce. Fine. JD33657
[John Steinbeck] Steinbeck, John. The Red Pony. NY, Viking, 1945, first edition. Issued without dust jacket, but with the publisher's original gray/blue slipcase, this is the first illustrated edition with the beautiful color illustrations by Wesley Dennis, it is also the first edition to include all four portions of the story, The Gift, The Great Mountains, The Promise, and The Leader of the People, this is the first issue as produced by Kipe Offset, Goldstone & Payne A9c, see Morrow 81, this copy Inscribed by John Steinbeck ("For J. C. Skakel/with regards/John Steinbeck"), the recipient was James C. Skakel, a friend of Ed Borein, Maynard Dixon, and James Willard Schultz, his daughter, the previous recipient, writes about her unusual name, "The Skakel name is rare, and most often recognized in association with my cousin Ethyl Skakel Kennedy, widow of Robert F. Kennedy. Sadly, there is also recognition of my family name associated with the alleged murder my cousin Michael was charged with committing". Missing its half title leaf, else very good in a good slipcase. JD33658
[Armed Services Editions] Gallico, Paul. Adventures of Hiram Holliday. NY, Armed Services Editions, n.d. (1945), first edition thus, wrappers. Softcover. No. 754 in this important series, story of "the little man triumphant against evil," with a note about the author at the end, issued by the Council on Books in Wartime, designed to fit the pocket of a World War II American GI. Very good minus. JD33640
[Armed Services Editions] Fitzgerald, F. Scott. The Great Gatsby. NY, Armed Services Editions, n.d. (1945), first edition thus, wrappers. Softcover. No. 862 in this important series, a classic, with a note about the author at the end, issued by the Council on Books in Wartime, designed to fit the pocket of a World War II American GI. Front cover creases with small tear, spine faded, else very good. JD33627


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