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Like all ABAA members, we answer to a higher authority and follow a higher standard of ethics that guarantees a successful transaction for all our customers. </P><P><font face="times,times new roman,new york">We buy and sell old books, vintage books, collectible books, rare books, first edition books, and related ephemera. We maintain several specialties. Among them are American fiction first editions from c.1900 to the present. Within that general field, we have heavy emphasis in </font><a href="steinbeck.htm"><font face="times,times new roman,new york"><b>John Steinbeck</b></font></a><font face="times,times new roman,new york"> and </font><a href="steinbeckiana.htm"><font face="times,times new roman,new york"><b>Steinbeckiana</b></font></a><font face="times,times new roman,new york">. Thus, we buy and sell Steinbeck primary first editions in dust jackets, signed/limited editions, his appearances in anthologies, his periodical appearances, books and periodicals about Steinbeck, film and theatre memorabilia, bibliographies, and miscellaneous items.</font></p><p><font face="times,times new roman,new york">We also specialize in these same categories for these authors -- </font><a href="london.htm"><font face="times,times new roman,new york"><b>Jack London</b></font></a><font face="times,times new roman,new york">, </font><a href="stegner.htm"><font face="times,times new roman,new york"><b>Wallace Stegner</b></font></a><font face="times,times new roman,new york">, and </font><a href="king.htm"><font face="times,times new roman,new york"><b>Stephen King</b></font></a><font face="times,times new roman,new york">. Other specialties include </font><a href="west.htm"><font face="times,times new roman,new york">Western Americana, books on California and the West,</font></a><font face="times,times new roman,new york"> <a href="photo.htm">Photography</a> books, books on </font><a href="orient.htm"><font face="times,times new roman,new york">Japan, China, and the Orient</font></a><font face="times,times new roman,new york">, and </font><a href="armedserviceseditions.htm"><font face="times,times new roman,new york"><b>Armed Services Editions</b></font></a><font face="times,times new roman,new york">. The latter are vintage paperbacks issued to American GIs from 1943 to 1947. They are comprised of mysteries, Westerns, science fiction and fantasy, mainstream fiction, historical novels, science, poetry, adventure stories, and more.</font></p><P>Within our field of modern first editions, we also sell related <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/film.htm">film memorabilia</A> Thus, we sell film posters, lobby card sets, pressbooks, stills, scripts, etc. for films made from the works of authors we carry such as John Steinbeck, Jack London, Ernest Hemingway, William Faulkner, Raymond Chandler, Zane Grey, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Stephen King, Edward Abbey, Anne Rice, and many others.</FONT></P> <CENTER><A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/images/dutchcourage.jpg"><IMG SRC="http://jimbooks.com/images/dutchcouraget.jpg" WIDTH=197 HEIGHT=274 ALIGN=bottom></A></CENTER></TD><TD VALIGN=top HEIGHT=110 BGCOLOR="#339999"> <P><IMG SRC="http://jimbooks.com/images/bookman.gif" WIDTH=600 HEIGHT=100 ALIGN=bottom></P></TD></TR> <TR><TD VALIGN=top BGCOLOR="#FFFFCC"><P><TABLE BORDER=0 CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=8><TR BGCOLOR="#FFFF99"><TD VALIGN=top COLSPAN=2 BGCOLOR="#FFFF99"><CENTER><div align="center"> <form method="GET" action="http://jimbooks.com/search.php"> <b><font size="1" color="red">Search Bookman Web Site for Books by Author, Title or Content</font></b><br> <input type="text" name="zoom_query" size="40"> <input type="submit" value="Search"> Results per page: <select name="zoom_per_page"> <option selected>20</option> <option >40</option> <option >100</option> </select> <br><br> Match: <input type="radio" name="zoom_and" value="0" checked> any search words <input type="radio" name="zoom_and" value="1"> all search words </form> </div></TD></TR><FONT FACE='times,times new roman,new york'><!--STARTbooklisthere--><TR><TD VALIGN=top>[Modern Literature] Roberts, Kenneth. <B>Oliver Wiswell.</B> NY, Doubleday, Doran, 1940, first edition. Two volumes, de luxe binding, TEG, full red leather, two gilt rules around front and back covers, spine with five raised bands with title, author, volume number, and date in gilt along with other gilt rules and decor, marbled endpapers with gilt decor around inside front and rear covers, with Thomas Buell's map of Loyal Long Island 1776-1783 to show Howe's victory over the rebels at Brooklyn Aug. 27, 1776 and the capture of New York Sept. 15, 1776 in Vol. I, color frontispiece portrait of Oliver Wiswell from the painting by Grant Wood, Buell's map of Virginia and the Carolinas showing Boone's wilderness road to Kentucky in Vol. II, No. 182 of 1,050 copies Signed by Roberts, this was Doubleday, Doran publishing executive Malcolm Johnson's copy with a letter of provenance from his daughter-in-law, Johnson is one of several people acknowledged by Roberts just before the beginning of the book, although the standard signed/limited edition of this book (in brown cloth) came with a slipcase, it is unlikely that this de luxe binding was issued to Johnson in that manner. Minor damp staining to bottom spine of Vol. I, both volumes with wear to leather along the spines, else a very solid set. JD 31352</TD><TD ALIGN=right VALIGN=bottom WIDTH=40><A HREF='mailto:bookman@jimbooks.com?subject=Order%20JD31352%20Oliver%20Wiswell.&body=Please%20contact%20me%20about%20purchasing%0AOliver%20Wiswell.%20by%20Roberts,%20Kenneth.%0AMy%20name%20is:%0AMy%20phone%20is:%0AThank%20You'><IMG SRC='http://jimbooks.com/images/cart.gif' WIDTH=20 HEIGHT=20 ALIGN=top></A><BR>$350.00</TD></TR><!--ENDbooklisthere--><TR><TD COLSPAN=2 BGCOLOR="#FFFF99"><P><B>CONDITIONS OF SALE</B></P><UL><LI>Media rate postage is $4 for the first item and $1 each thereafter.</LI><LI>Books shipped to a location within California are subject to 8.25% sales tax.</L>shipping.</LI><LI>We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.</LI><LI><FONT FACE="times,times new roman,new york">Call 1 (925) 935-5033 to talk to Jim and place an order with Visa, Mastercard or Discover. </FONT></LI><LI><FONT FACE="times,times new roman,new york">You may also arrange to pay by check.</FONT></LI> </UL> <CENTER><P><B>Browse Books Listed by Author's Name<BR><A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/noauthor.htm"><FONT SIZE="-1">NoAuthor</FONT></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/a.htm">A</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ba.htm">Ba-Bn</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/bo.htm">Bo-Bz</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/c.htm">C</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/d.htm">D</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/e.htm">E</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/f.htm">F</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/film.htm"><FONT SIZE="-1">Film</FONT></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/g.htm">G</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ha.htm">Ha</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/hb.htm">Hb-Hz</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/king.htm"><FONT SIZE="-1">King</FONT></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ij.htm">IJK</A> <BR><A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/london.htm"><FONT SIZE="-1"">London</FONT></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/l.htm">L</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/m.htm">M</A> <A HREF="no.htm">NO</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/p.htm">P</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/photo.htm"><FONT SIZE="-1">Photo</FONT></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/qr.htm">QR</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/steinbeck.htm"><FONT SIZE="-1">Steinbeck</FONT></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/steinbeckiana.htm"><FONT SIZE="-1" >Steinbeckiana</FONT></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/stegner.htm"><FONT SIZE="-1" >Stegner</FONT></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/s.htm">S</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/t.htm">T</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/uv.htm">UV</A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/wxyz.htm">WXYZ</B></A></P><P><B>Browse Armed Services Editions Books Listed by Issue Numbers<BR></B><A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_abcd.htm"><B>ABCD</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_efg.htm"><B>EFG</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_hij.htm"><B>HIJ</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_k.htm"><B>K</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_l.htm"><B>L</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_m.htm"><B>M</B></A> <A HREF="ase_n.htm"><B>N</B></A> <A HREF="ase_o.htm"><B>O</B></A> <A HREF="ase_p.htm"><B>P</B></A> <A HREF="ase_q.htm"><B>Q</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_r.htm"><B>R</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_s.htm"><B>S</B></A><A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_t.htm"><B>T</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_655.htm"><B>655-699</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_700.htm"><B>700-799</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_800.htm"><B>800-899</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_900.htm"><B>900-999</B></A> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/ase_1000.htm"><B>1000-1322</B></FONT></A></P> <div align="center"> <A HREF="http://jimbooks.com/search.php"><font size="1" color="#006699"><B>Search Bookman Web Site for Books by Author or Title</B></font></A> </div></CENTER></TD> </TR> </TABLE></P> </TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER><P></P></BODY></HTML>